Brassless – FAR 2020

A show curated by Studio Vedèt in the frame of the program FAR for Nilufar Gallery.

Nilufar Gallery
Graphic design, Art direction, Consultancy, Curation
Brassless is the third show within the FAR series. FAR is a parallel curatorial entity that lives within the spaces of Nilufar and challenges the characteristic language used in the established Milanese gallery.
Chair by Antonio Barone. Photo: Mattia Iotti
Logo detail.
Since its inception in 2018, FAR has been curated by Studio Vedèt, this 2020 episode took place in the so-called “Caveau” in the spectacular Nilufar Depot and featured the work by Simòn Ballen Botero, Thomas Ballouhey, Antonio Barone, Destroyers / Builders, Martino Gamper, Carlo Lorenzetti, Objects of Common Interest, Odd Matter, OLDER and Alexander Vinther, Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir, Studio Minale-Maeda, Bram Vanderbeke and Wendy Andreu, Lukas Wegwerth.
Lamp by Carlo Lorenzetti; table by Lukas Wegwerth. Photo: Mattia Iotti.
Vases by Martino Gamper. Photo: Mattia Iotti.
“Brassless was born as an ironic and provocative gesture, an irreverent parenthesis within its context. Just as in the previous episodes of FAR— the parasitic curatorial entity that lives within the spaces of Nilufar—Brassless marries a challenging accent to the characteristic language used in the established Milanese gallery. With a light but decisive statement, it aims to accelerate the ending of the brass era, or rather, the ending of a phase in which contemporary design and architecture abused this alloy by using it randomly or needlessly”.
Brassless at Nilufar Depot.
Table by Wendy Andreu and Bram Vanderbeke. Photo: Mattia Iotti.
“Brassless is not a “stop to brass” but rather a denunciation of the decadence of trends and an effort to prevent the very thing we need least—a new homogeneous movement spreading designed matter at random over our tired world. The exhibition features projects that choose different metals for different reasons, as well as one non-metal experiment, indicating that this investigative approach could extend to any material with which design projects have been and will be made.
Vases by Simòn Ballen Botero. Photos: Mattia Iotti.