A cultural project immersed in art, design and didactics, activities that are emphasized by a dynamic logo system.

Editorial design, Graphic design, Logo
MUSE is a cultural project with multiple inclinations that take shape in just as many parallel activities. Art, design, crafts, and didactics are the engines that drive the MUSE system. Its center of operations is in the principality of Monaco, where MUSEGALLERY, the exhibition space, and MUSECONSULTING, the agency, are both located. Meanwhile, internationally, MUSETALKS, MUSETRAVELS, and MUSEDINNERS create experiences in the cultural sphere, from conference to exhibition, from research itineraries to moments of conviviality.
Musegallery stationary. Photo: Federico Floriani.
Musegallery business cards. Photo: Federico Floriani.
Studio Vedèt has been working on MUSE's identity since 2019. Over the years, we have accompanied the project throughout its many and varied manifestations and its amazing collaborations with designers like matali crasset or artists like Lola Schnabel. The result is a colorful and fun identity with a dynamic logo system, declined from time to time for very different activities.
Musegallery's colorful invites. Photo: Federico Floriani.
MUSE keeps a busy educational program active that has not stopped even in pandemic times; this has allowed its identity to evolve over the years, so much so that its archive of invitations and programs now builds a vibrant rainbow that never stops expanding and changing. For MUSE we also designed a book, Salon, about the work of the artist Alessandra Bettolo.
A detail of the catalog Salon with the works of Alessandra Bettolo.
Detail of Salon, 170 x 240 mm, 56 pages.