New identity for the Milanese brand that combines a cultivated network of craftsmen with a drive for experimentation in the field of collectible desgin.

SEM Milano
Brand identity, Development, Consultancy, Copywriting, Logo
Born as a spin-off of the renowned Milanese brand Spotti, SEM combines seventy years of knowledge and a cultivated network of craftsmen with a drive for experimentation, developing new typologies of furniture for modern living. Based within the legendary Milanese hinterland, the epicenter of design in the 1950s, SEM was created to answer the demand for personalized and finely crafted design that companies with high-volume production cannot ordinarily offer. Their unlimited editions show an obsession with function and curiosity for collectible design.
Vedèt created their new visual identity and sharpened the communication of the brand underlining their unicity—high quality and high-level customization do not necessarily lead to collectible design or unique pieces—SEM is a master in including this versatility in unlimited and durable editions. Following the bold slogan "Serial Craft", the visual identity interpreted this special approach of the brand.
SEM's new website was thoughtfully designed by Vedèt, who highlighted the brand's core values of craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to customization. Vedèt served as a consultant, connecting SEM with contemporary designers who could meet the brand's unique requirements, and also curated SEM's Instagram profile to reflect the company's vision and mission.